Work-readiness training

The Barclays/ABSA ReadytoWork Programme is a very good option in terms of a ready-made e-learning course (available here free to young people driving their own learning). As a course that can be facilitated by organisations, it is available at a fee (although it is free to partners of Barclays).

Jobstarter offers a similar e-learning course that can be accessed here. You can take advantage of the opportunity provided by ready-made e-learning courses by giving the young people you employ access to this course and by setting out time for them to engage with it. It will be helpful if you could familiarise yourself with the content, allowing you to follow-up with them and show your interest in their progress.

Harambee connects employers looking for entry-level talent to young, high-potential work-seekers who are currently locked out of the formal economy. The organisation identifies key skills gaps within its partner companies and uses a customised recruitment process.   Selected young people then go through a tailor-made bridging/work-readiness programme that ensures that they have the necessary confidence, skills and functional behaviour. Note that they also support small and medium businesses and they boast an 83% retention rate of Harambee-selected employees who have completed their work-readiness programme.

If you are a small business trying to accommodate only a few young people on a small budget, you could consider using our easy to use coaching/mentoring guidelines, which will help you to coach young people around seven key themes that will prepare them better for work.

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