Interviews with Young People

The one thing that unlocked
opportunity for me…

Reflections from young and other interesting people

Sinethemba Kameni – IkamvaYouth Tutor

Sinethemba knows what it is like to be heading down the wrong path and then suddenly be given the opportunity to turn things around. When he was in Grade 10, he struggled at his school in Khayelitsha. He wasn’t clear on what he wanted to do with his life and the role models around him, weren’t inspiring. In Grade 11, he became involved in the IkamvaYouth programme. The timing of this experience was really important.

Colin Almeleh – Ilifa Labantwana Executive Director

“My path has been a zigzag, a roller coaster. I have never been one to plan a career. Because of my diverse educational background and life experience, I think I bring a different way of thinking. And because of this, people gave me opportunities. And I took them.”

Esethu Numa – Cape Town Embrace Communications Officer

How can our families positively influence our opportunities for success? In the case of Esethu, this influence was huge, particularly when it came to her tertiary education and further studies.

Nyameka Zunguzane – Project Co-ordinator at Eskom

If you had asked Nyameka a couple of years ago whether she would have seen herself in a management position, she would have said, ‘no way!’. She describes herself as someone who is very shy and quiet – not qualities she imagines in a manager.

Kealeboga Ramaru – Deputy head of Equal Education in the Western Cape

How do you decide who to surround yourself with? And how does this effect who you end up becoming and what you do with your life?

Fefe Mavuso – Portfolio Manager at the DG Murray Trust

Much like Esethu Numa, Fefe attributes her success and opportunities to her family, in particular to her mom, and the fact that from an early age she learnt how to be resourceful.

Reuben Riffel – Chef & restauranteur

Reuben Riffel is a renowned celebrity chef – he owns five restaurants across the country and has a number of prestigious awards under his belt. When we asked him what opened up all these opportunities for him, he said:

Esethu Hasane – Spokesperson for the Minister of Sports and Recreation

Esethu Hasane is another young person who has found that his family situation played a significant role in how he responded to opportunities. He was brought up by his mom who worked as a domestic worker. Being the child of a single parent changed his perspective on life and opportunities.

David Harrison – CEO of the DG Murray Trust

David Harrison is CEO of the DG Murray Trust. We asked him to tell us about his journey – about the opportunities in his life that opened things up for him. He also spoke to us about what he looks for in (young) people when he recruits them and why.

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