I’m a young person, where or how can I get a mentor?

Your best course of action would be to:

  • Think about the older/more experienced people who you know, who you admire and respect, and who you feel you can learn from.  This could be around a specific aspect, like starting a business or just in general. It is important that you like this person and that you have shared interests.
  • Think about what you would like to learn from them, and as a start, first try to spend a little more time with this person. Get to know them better, make very sure this is someone that you would like to be your mentor.
  •  You don’t need to specifically ask this person to be your mentor. Perhaps your relationship develops organically into a mentor-mentee relationship as you ask for their guidance and develop your friendship with them.
  • However, if this is not someone who you regularly spend time with, you may want to specifically ask them to be your mentor. Explain why you admire them and what you hope to learn. You could also refer them to this mentoring page if they seem reluctant because they don’t know what will be required of them.
  • If they don’t feel that it is something that they are up to doing, don’t take it personally. This may well be related to their personal circumstances. Try again with someone else.
  • If they are keen to be your mentor, wonderful!  The most important thing is to regularly spend time to help the relationship to develop. Talk about the big stuff, but don’t forget to do fun things together! Read here to see what makes mentoring relationships work.

For more information about finding a mentor:

Examples of organisations in South Africa offering mentorship opportunities:

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